Coloring & Doodle Booklet – Free Download

Doodle in the margins. Color with your favorite tools. Absorb these words or words you’re about the hear.

Meekness Cover

If you like to doodle and color and be a little crafty, I would love for you to test out my doodle booklet. It’s free to download and fun to assemble. In it I have combined two of my favorite things: inspiring words and drawing.

Inside: some of the images to color

It’s free because this project is an experiment and I am still learning. Also, it requires a little assembly.

Meekness Bklt edited
assembled booklet


  1. Download the free PDF file below
  2. Print and Assemble the booklet (see Flipogram link for the tutorial below; assembly takes approximately 15 minutes)
  3. Color and doodle in the booklet however you choose
  4. Take a picture of your finished page(s) and share them on the Meadowlark Hill Facebook Page.
  5. Give me suggestions on how to make my booklet better.*

Free File Download:  Meekness Doodle Booklet



The tutorial below includes these items, but for quick reference, here’s a list.

  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery floss or thick string that fits in needle
  • hole poker (pictured here is a bead reamer, but you could also use a large needle, small embroidery scissors, eye glasses screw driver)
  • scissors or paper cutter



Below is a flipagram tutorial on how to assemble your own booklet. Pause the flipagram at each step to follow more closely. (This is another experiment. Please let me know if you have questions on the tutorial.)

Click here to watch the Flipagram Booklet Assembly Tutorial


The 5.5X8″ booklet comes with 12 images. Some images have more doodling space than others, but each is ready to color with your choice of coloring tool. Once assembled, there is a blank page between each image to help prevent bleeding markers, etc.

Each quote is really a summary of the actual statement made by Elder Maxwell, like flash cards for learning how to be meek in our day.


If you would like me to make you a booklet and mail it to you, no problem! You can purchase it through our Etsy shop for $5 + $3 shipping. (The purchased booklet comes with a high quality card stock cover and premium paper for inside pages–better for less bleed than general copy paper.)

A Note About Neal A. Maxwell’s Words

While studying a talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell (1926-2004) on meekness, I copied so many of his words in my doodle journal that I decided to make them into this series.

If one definition of meekness is to be teachable, then doodling helps us become meek. Why not? I’m sharing my doodles for all other doodlers out there to add their own doodles all while we learn to be meek.

The quotes in this doodle booklet are just some of Neal A. Maxwell’s words from his 1982, BYU multi-stake fireside address titled, “Meekness–A Dimension of True Discipleship”.

*Suggestions: ways to improve the end product, ie. Do I need to clarify a step in the tutorial? Do you have an idea for a different material to use for the booklet binding? etc…

I look forward to your input and hope you enjoy coloring and doodling with me!


Chicken Coop

We are big fans of farm fresh eggs. Big enough that my mom and I have been tempted to get our own chickens. With multiple neighbors who sell eggs from their own hens, however, like 8 year old Daisy down the lane, our temptation is subdued.

One of our neighbors has had intentions of building two chicken coops this summer. When Alan was visiting her the other day she confessed she wouldn’t get to them. Fortunately she was confessing to the right guy!

He completed the first one yesterday and is currently working on the second.

All of the wood used is recycled. Most of it came from the client/neighbor’s pile of wood leftover from other projects or discarded, good condition pallets.

The C clamps are holding wheels so Alan can wheel it on to the trailer for delivery. It would be nice if we had a long dolly, but in true Alan form, he makes due with what he has.


Right side larger access door.
Pull out tray for cleaning.
Slide the slat of wood open for a quick view inside.







Opening for access to eggs.
It’s a chicken cottage. If it were mine, I would paint it red.

There it is again… temptation. Now I want chickens.